Club Rules

1. The Supervising Coach IS in charge.

2. For safety reasons, Fundy Gymnastics Club does not allow parents or family members inside the gym unless they are participating in the Parent and Tot Program, or has been granted permission from a staff member.

3. Use of the equipment is strictly forbidden without the proper supervision of a qualified Fundy Gymnastics Club coach.

4. Parents and spectators are welcome to watch their child's session in the dedicated viewing areas.

5. Please help your child to develop listening skills and autonomy by observing the following: *Addressing your child during class is not allowed. *Please keep conversations in a low voice in the viewing areas.

6. For safety reasons, please do not congregate in the doorways to the gym, the entrance lobbies or on the staircases.

7. Please do not drop your child off early without supervision, and please be on time to pick-up your child.

8. Children should wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement yet does not present a safety concern in being too baggy or loose fitting. T-shirt & shorts, jogging pants, yoga pants, leotards are ideal.

9. Long hair must be securely tied up.

10. No jewelry of any kind is to be worn, with the exception of medic alert bracelets, which should be taped on.

11. Gymnasts, please remove all shoes before entering the gym.

12. No Chewing Gum, Candy, Food or Drink is allowed in the gym.

13. All Accidents and Incidents must be reported to the Supervising Coach.

14. No shouting, swearing or rude language.

15. When and if required, the Supervising Coach will implement the Emergency policy and procedures.