The CANGYM Badge Program

Gymnastics offers some unique qualities that can have a healthy impact on your child, as it is the only sport that works total body strength, flexibility and aerobic development. Further, the development of self-esteem and the joys of self-expression through body movement are enhanced by gymnastics.  Early participation enables children to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle for a lifetime.

Fundy Gymnastics Club uses Gymnastics Canada’s CanGym National Badge Program to deliver its classes.  It is the National Skill Development and Evaluation program for Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.

There are approximately 20 skills per badge.  At the end of each session, each child receives a Report Card, clearly indicating which skills have been learning/attempted (L) and mastered (√).  In order to pass a particular badge, a child must master all of the elements on the Report Card.  

Classes are small in size, with a maximum of 8 gymnasts per coach, ensuring each athlete gets the attention they need to progress as they work through each level.

CanGym badges are divided up over the three class levels offered:


BEGINNER RECREATION: Burgundy (1), Red (2),  Tan (3), Bronze (4)

INTERMEDIATE RECREATION: Purple (5) and Blue (6)

ADVANCED RECREATION:  Turquoise (7), Silver (8), Orange (9), Yellow (10)


The key program skills within each level have been selected to ensure a clear progression from one badge to the next, ultimately leading to the key skills that are contained in the Green Badge.  These levels are used as a tool for our coaches to monitor and evaluate progressions.  

There is no set or normal speed at which children progress through each level.  Some children may complete the required skills over one session while others may take several sessions to complete a specific level.   Our main focus is to provide a program that allows any child to experience and enjoy the sport of gymnastics in a non-competitive environment.

Badges typically take longer to complete in the higher levels and it is at the coaches' discretion, along with support from the Head Coach or Gym Director, if an athlete is ready to progress to the next level. 

Each child will receive a written Report Card at the end of each session, typically at the end of their last class.  Each Report Card rates the progress of each child in the following manner:  Learning (L) or Mastered (√). 

“Learning (L)” indicates that the child is able to perform the skill with reasonable ease and without a spot, while having to yet perfect some aspects of the skill.

“Mastered (√)” indicates that the child has kicked it up a notch and that she/he excels at the performance of the same skill and can combine it with other skills.  They have passed the stage of simply doing the skill once.  Elements of form are more obvious (completely straight legs for example).