Competitive Introduction


While only a very few individuals will ever reach the International level, gymnastics offers special benefits to all who participate.

Being involved in the competitive program will require a commitment but it will also offer your child the opportunity to learn personal discipline and to gain tremendous self-confidence as they build individualized goals and accomplishments.

Fun is still important at this level, but athletes are carefully guided towards the competitive levels. Gymnasts with the right skills, who show interest in competing, and are willing to commit to organized yearly training are invited to move into our advanced classes. Gymnasts who meet certain standards of excellence are selected for our competitive teams.

Physical and emotional well-being, along with personal and gymnastics skill development, are the primary objectives of this program as gymnasts learn to apply their mind and body to the fullest extent. Individualism and dedication are stressed at this level and the dedicated gymnast will go as far as their abilities will take them. 

Athletes are exposed to local competitive opportunities as well chances to travel within and out of the Province. 

Entrance into the program is by invitation only and offered to athletes that have demonstrated the necessary physical, technical and mental readiness required for this specialized program.


Competitive team is a year round (12 month) commitment and training at any team level may include multiple days per week. The number of hours a competitive gymnast trains increases as their level increases. 

Regular season training hours are consistent from September to June, training hours and days change for the summer season July and August.  

Athletes are expected to attend every class in their schedule with energy, enthusiasm, and desire to learn.

Gymnasts should be on time and ready to work for training and competitions.

Minor schedule changes may occur due to holidays and competitions.

If you are new to the club, you may arrange a special evaluation with the head coach.

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